Hurry Up To Book units in Menassat Tower New Capital With A Area Starting From 160 m²

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    Menassat Tower

    Menassat New Administrative Capital
    Menassat Development has launched one of its latest giant investment projects, Menassat Mall, which is a tower equipped with the latest advanced technology and includes all kinds of commercial, administrative, and medical activities with various spaces to suit all customers.

    The developer company was keen that Menassat Mall be built with the highest international quality standards and designed according to the standards and conditions, where all the units are homogeneous inside with the picturesque nature, which provides an ideal place to work.

    Many advantages within the icon of magnificence and beauty, Menassat Mall, the most important of which is its strategic geographical location in the heart of the future capital, which is a vibrant artery, as it includes within it all the vital arteries and high-end residential neighborhoods, in addition to the main roads and axes and others.

    The developer company always seeks to satisfy all its customers by offering a range of attractive competitive prices and flexible and multiple payment systems to suit all purchasing powers, which increases investment rates.

    The geographical location of Menassat Mall and its most important features
    Many customers and investors are interested in the location of investment projects, so the real estate developer has implemented the icon of magnificence Menassat New Capital in the heart of the economically and commercially active financial and business district, allowing the customer to easily access the headquarters of companies, banks, service areas, and others.

    The location of the commercial center Menassat New Capital has many advantages, the most important of which are the following:

    The distance between Menassat Tower New Capital and the famous towers, including Oia Tower Project and Oblisco Capital Tower, in addition to I Business Park Tower.
    Menassat Mall is located in front of the monorail station, the Religious Complex, and the famous Egypt Mosque.
    People's Square can be reached through Menassat Mall New Administrative Capital in 5 minutes.
    The distance between the project and prominent landmarks such as Green River and Central Park is only a few minutes.
    Menassat Mall is located close to the most important roads and main axes such as the Mohammed bin Zayed North Axis.
    Menassat Mall New Administrative Capital is close to the Museum of Capitals and the world's active economic and commercial markets.
    The government district, Al sefarat district, and the ministries district can be reached through the tower within 10 minutes by car.
    It is a short distance from the Presidential Palace area.
    The unique features of Menassat Mall New Administrative Capital
    Seize the opportunity and book your commercial unit within the largest investment project in the heart of the future capital, Menassat Mall, and achieve the dream of success, as it includes within it a huge number of exceptional and unparalleled advantages, and you can benefit from them on a wide scale, the most important of which are the following:

    The upscale architectural edifice of Menassat New Capital is unique with its attractive interior and exterior designs inspired by the world-class, and the panoramic glass facades have
    A very charming and beautiful view of green spaces wrapped around it.
    One of the unique features of Menassat Mall is the presence of high-quality and high-speed internet service within all units so that customers can complete their tasks with the required accuracy and speed.
    The developer has taken care of securing Menassat Mall well by planting modern television surveillance cameras everywhere and installing powerful electronic gates linked to advanced control systems, in addition to placing security forces to guard 24 hours without interruption to prevent thefts and preserve the lives and properties of investors.

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