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    Hello guys,
    actually our instructor asked us to convert the below steps to passive voice instead of active i can do that

    Proceed with the following step

    · Mount the specimen in the X-ray instrument (the lab technician and/or your lab instructor will help with the right procedure).

    · Start the chiller for cooling the various machine components that heat-up with time

    · Turn-On the machine and wait until only two lights are showing. The two lights are for READY and ON status.

    · Observe whether the red light at the top left-hand corner of the machine is ON. This indicates that the X-rays are ready. Otherwise, turn the knob to high voltage in order to accelerate the voltage level and get x-rays ready.

    · Then, turn-on the PC.

    · Typical process settings are: voltage = 40 Kv, cathode current = 30mA. All operation of the generator and the diffractometer should be through the computer interface. Use Cu Kα radiation ( λ = 1.542 Aº).

    · Open the software, XRD-commander.

    · Click on create JOB under the file menu.

    · Enter the Sample holder No., Sample ID (name), and raw-file name.

    · Under parameter file, select a standard setting for copper (the material we are using). This should include the start-diffraction angle, step or increment size and stop-diffraction angle.

    · Run a 2θ scan from 40° to 100°.

    · The diffraction pattern will be provided to you. Wait for the scan to be complete.

    · Get the diffraction pattern and excel file containing the Intensity VS Diffraction angle data.
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